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Millar Lettings - Tenants

Basics of choosing a property!

Making a list of requirements for your rented property, and a separate list of what you would ideally like when you rent your new home. Basics would include:


1. The minimum number and size of bedrooms for your household size.

2.  Location Location Location!!! Lots of prospective tenants overlook location is an important factor when renting a property! Often something small like décor will put tenants off a property when actually the location is prefect for them. Remember as long you get written permission prior to moving in the tenant can normally decorate to you own taste ( as long as any decoration completed by the tenant is tasteful, modern and completed to a satisfactory standard). Being close to work, access to bus routes/transport links, close to suitable schools, close to family (or maybe in some cases not too close!), within reach of countryside or alternatively urban facilities can all make the difference to loving your new home.

3.  Rental budget – Be realistic. Some tenants overestimate wheat they can afford. Remember you are normally committed to a 12 month agreement and will be liable to complete that agreement. On the flip side there are also a lot of tenants who underestimate what they can afford each month. That little extra each month can put you into a nicer area or a bigger house with newer heating/facilities. Its important to sit down and work out your budget, normally most properties include rates but check with the agent/landlord before signing the tenancy agreement.

4. Timing is key! Working out your earliest and latest dates by which you can move – property is let on a fast “turnaround”. We on average receive one month’s notice when tenants are moving out and the landlord will want us to try and find new tenants as quickly as possible. As a result, most rented properties are only available for a few weeks before they are let.

5. Furniture – most of our properties are un-furnished or very sparsely furnished. You should check with us before viewing to check the status of the property in terms of furniture. We always try our best to facilitate our tenants as much as possible. You should always agree any requirements in writing with us before proceeding with a property.