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Millar Lettings - Testimonials

Landlord Review of Millar Lettings



When I moved to London in 2009 I did not want to sell my house as during the recession I knew it would not be worthwhile so I decided to let my property instead.


I met with a representative of Millar Lettings shortly afterwards to discuss my options. Their representative described in great detail the steps required to let my property including contracts, insurance, my responsibilities and the responsibilities of my potential tenants.


Not long after I moved I was pleased to hear that Millar Lettings had found a tenant for my property. Millar Lettings managed the liaison between the Tenant and myself very well and were excellent at organising tradesmen, on my behalf, to undertake routine maintenance works and repairs on the property.


Millar Lettings’ tenant vetting procedure ensured that my tenant was a trustworthy individual.


Just recently my original tenant immigrated to Canada, but quick as a flash Millar Lettings were able to re-advertise my property and I am pleased to say that a new tenant was found within a few weeks.


In this stressful world Millar Lettings have certainly made my life stress free with regards to letting my property.


Keith Wilson


May 2012